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We are specialists (not only) in Generation Z

We can help you reach out to young viewers and customers.

Our divisions

Pomáháme firmám s tvorbou videí, aby jim lépe fungovaly reklamy a díky tomu vydělaly více peněz.

Jsme kreativní, obsahová a výkonnostní agentura spojená s profesionální videoprodukcí.

Short videos & UGC

Ochutnej Ořech

Thousands of orders thanks to UGC videos and TikTok ads.

Strategies for Generation Z

Super zoo

Millions of views and new customers for Super Zoo thanks to short videos.

Commercial spots


4-part mini-series Klapky & Kopačky with guests like Petr Čech.
Přes 3.000 mladých lidí vyrazilo uklízet do ulic díky kampani na TikToku

Naše úspěchy za poslední 3 roky

přes 4.000
vytvořených videí pro naše klienty
700.000 +
lidí začalo sledovat náš obsah
100.000.000 x
vyskočila naše videa na soc. sítích

At ShortPRO, we take care of everything



Complete video production services - from short social media videos to TV commercials. We have a full production team that handles everything from pre-production to final editing.
Clients: O2TV, Bezrealitky, Manboxeo, ...


Strategy & Creative

We're devising strategies to succeed in the online world, especially among the younger generation. Our team of ideamakers then puts together comprehensive campaigns and develops creative concepts for shooting commercials.
Clients: NUTREND, Avène, Super zoo, ...


Influencer marketing

For big and small brands, we cover influencer marketing completely - from the selection of suitable influencers, the preparation of campaign mechanics, monitoring to the control and coordination of outputs.
Clients: Avène, Demagog, CZ.NIC, DJI, ...



We'll secure UGC (User Generated Content) videos to build brand awareness, or UGC sales kits if needed. We'll handle the selection of UGC creators, manage the entire content creation process, and potentially follow up with promoting the videos.
Clients: Ochutnej Ořech, MKLůžkoviny, ...


Social media

Our team of specialists will take care of comprehensive social media management - from content creation to data reporting on results. We cover all available platforms in the online world.
Clients: Super zoo, CZ.NIC, O2, ...


PPC advertising & Data

Comprehensive management of performance advertising in the online world - Google and social networks. We can produce our own creative, so when combined with ad management, we save time and deliver results.
Clients: Ochutnej Ořech, NAVLASIL, L'Oréal, ...

What our clients say about us?

Lenka Strnadová
Lenka StrnadováAvène (Pierre Fabre)
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"I love people who understand what they do and are passionate about their work. It all reflects in the outcome. We've assembled a team and got down to work. My team of content creators are enthusiasts of our Avène brand. They meticulously test everything and pass on their experiences to our messaging. It's authentic and not just about advertising. And that's exactly what GenZ demands. Authenticity. Honesty. Realness. ☝"
Petra Juranová
Petra JuranováO2 Czech Republic
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"Together with the ShortPRO agency, we carried out the O2 TV campaign, and it was (as always) a great collaboration! We met on a total of 4 shooting days, which were very well organized, and the whole team always performed at the highest level. The result was a fun lifestyle campaign starring Petr Švancara and Naomi Adachi, which ran for 3 months on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook, and it was one of our top campaigns for 2023, not only delivering the expected results but also receiving a lot of positive feedback from viewers/users. Many thanks to the entire ShortPRO team for joining us, and we look forward to future projects. 😊"
Kristýna Černá
Kristýna ČernáSuperzoo
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"We highly value our cooperation with ShortPRO. When collaborating with an agency, it is always important for us to have communication set up flexibly with people who are enthusiasts and professionals in their field, which we have achieved with ShortPRO, and it has reflected in the results, which have far exceeded the set goals."
Tomáš Zapletal
Tomáš ZapletalWorldee
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"TikTok is the new Instagram, and it's necessary to ride its wave. If you want to ride it, you don't have to be afraid to entrust it to ShortPRO. They guided us beautifully, and we achieved the lowest cost per app installation ever. It's a young, ambitious team that resembles ours. If you feel the same, look no further. You've found it ✌🏻"
Václav Staněk
Václav StaněkVasky
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"I can only recommend the training. David from ShortPRO is an excellent trainer and showed us in detail how we should proceed to expand our brand communication on TikTok. The training included not only strategies and case studies of David's clients but also brainstorming and devising our own concept and communication strategy. Thanks to this, we have a clearer idea of ​​the direction we want to take on TikTok, we know exactly how to implement this strategy, what to focus on, and what to avoid."
Eliška Vyhnáková
Eliška VyhnákováBook "Jak na sítě"
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"David Duc from ShortPRO participated as a lecturer in this year's edition of my Social Media Academy. I hope it's not the last time. During one afternoon, he provided us with an incredible amount of inspiration and practical demonstrations. He has a very rare combination of senior-level thinking and influencer experience. When I imagine what he achieved with my students in just a few hours, it's absolutely clear to me what results can be achieved when he takes you under his wing for a longer period."
Petr Ludwig
Petr LudwigGrowJOB Institute, Konec prokrastinace, Deep Talks
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"I have been focusing on podcasting for a long time, and the collaboration has brought me, for example, new ideas for content creation on social media. The joint consultations and constructive feedback from ShortPRO were very beneficial for me, which is reflected in the higher number of views and interactions on individual videos."
Tereza Knířová
Tereza KnířováSodexo benefits
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"We invited ShortPRO to our company's Social Media Day to introduce TikTok to our employees. And we definitely didn't make a mistake. Colleagues appreciated the information about data, the friendly approach, and the examples of interesting profiles."
Come and listen to us

PPC Restart 2024

Co-founder and CEO of ShortPRO, Vít Janda, will speak at the conference on the topic:

"What do we see in the data from TikTok ads, short videos across social media about this often underestimated group of shoppers? Generation Z makes up one-third of the world's population and will eventually become the largest purchasing power in the market. What is crucial from the perspective of performance marketing to attract this target audience? You will find out in the lecture interwoven with data, statistics, and examples."

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